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Jan 7, 2020

In this episode we replay a previous episode which featured Neal Barnard speaking on how to start plant-based eating and which health benefits you might expect. That episode was number 45.

Dr Neal Barnard is a physician, a clinical researcher, and an author from Washington DC. Since 1985, through the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, which he founded, Neal has been conducting valuable scientific studies, providing health-improving clinical care, writing excellent books for the public, and leading important public health advocacy initiatives, all based around the plant-based diet, and the many health benefits it leads to.

In the introduction I say a few words about the bushfire crisis Australia is in the midst of. Large parts of our country have been afflicted by ferocious bush fires, which have been burning for weeks and have taken a huge toll on our landscape and the humans and animals that live in these areas. It’s devastating to try and understand the loss of homes, land, businesses, animals and people. The human, environmental and economic cost is immense.

Whilst the fires keep burning, dealing with climate change has become a pressing issue, especially as so many of us have been disheartened by most of the world’s political leaders and their relative inaction. Our own actions can make a difference and one of the things we can all do is to reduce or eliminate animal product consumption, particularly red meat and dairy.

Becoming more plant-based may therefore be one of the best things you can do to help arrest global warming. And in this podcast Neal Barnard helps you understand why and how you can kick start your plant-based diet journey today.

Neal has been highly acclaimed by many of the large colleges and societies that promote nutrition and lifestyle medicine. He is a true pioneer in the field of plant-based nutrition, so I it’s well worth listening to this replayed interview where Neal talks about his background and how he became interested in nutrition, what are the first steps in starting a plant-based diet, information about its effects on diseases like hardening of the arteries, dementia, diabetes, cancer and mental illness, thoughts on eliminating cheese, fish and chocolate, and the advocacy work he has been doing.

Please enjoy listening to this replay episode with Neal Barnard.


Live well, feel well, do well.


Andrew Davies




About the New Normal Project podcast: The podcast is aimed to inspire and empower you to live your most plant-based, body-moving and mind-focused lifestyle, by hearing scientific evidence, experience-based information and real-life stories in the areas of the healthy lifestyle pillars such as nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, sleep, connection and purpose. You’ll hopefully glean insights to help you to consider making choices about your daily habits so you become more healthy, fulfilled and conscious.

Although I’m a doctor this is not medical advice, as I don’t know your personal circumstances or your health conditions. Please see this as information for you to consider, and then to look up more about, so you can discuss it with your doctor.




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