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Dec 30, 2019

In this episode we replay a previous episode which featured Andy Ramage and which was broadcast originally as episode 46.

Andy is an author, a performance coach, an entrepreneur, a keynote speaker (including having done a TEDx talk), and a co-founder of the One Year No Beer movement. He is an ex-professional footballer, an ex-oil broker, has studied mindfulness and neurolinguistic programming, and has a MSc in positive psychology and coaching psychology.

Andy’s latest book “Let’s Do This: How to use motivational psychology to change your habits and change your life” came out 4 days ago. It’s a motivation playbook for any type of personal change, from losing 10kg to stepping up in your career to running a half-marathon. It’s full of positivity, and explains the different types of motivation and the tools you need both to make a change and to make it last.

This interview was recorded in early 2018. It covers Andy’s story of living in a work culture where alcohol was prominent, how he realised this had become a problem, what he did about it, the social pressures he suffered from as he tried not drinking, the initial failures he had in going alcohol-free, the immense benefits an extended alcohol-free period gave him, how mindfulness and plant-based eating have also helped him, and what he is now doing to inspire others to try and take an alcohol-free challenge.

This is not a conversation to necessarily make you give up alcohol completely. This is not a conversation focused on people who might be considered alcoholics. This is a conversation for people who Andy describes as middle-lane drinkers who may not even identify as a serious or unhealthy alcohol consumer. This is also a conversation to raise your awareness of the relationship you might have developed with alcohol without labelling or stigmatising you.

At a time of the year people are usually making New Year’s resolutions, this might just be the kicker you need to try an alcohol-free challenge, especially as Andy well describes the social pressures we all face as we choose behaviours that make us stand out from the culture around us.

Andy understands how to invite people to change their behaviour without ever telling them they are a bad person for what they are currently doing. It’s not negative, it’s all about the positive.

I invite you to listen to this replay episode with Andy Ramage.


Live well, feel well, do well.


Andrew Davies




About the New Normal Project podcast: The podcast is aimed to inspire and empower you to live your most plant-based, body-moving and mind-focused lifestyle, by hearing scientific evidence, experience-based information and real-life stories in the areas of the healthy lifestyle pillars such as nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, sleep, connection and purpose. You’ll hopefully glean insights to help you to consider making choices about your daily habits so you become more healthy, fulfilled and conscious.

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