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May 28, 2017

Are you unsure how to change to a plant-based diet?

Do you find healthy habits can be difficult to maintain?

There are lots of reasons why people choose to go plant-based. At the New Normal Project the profound health benefits, both from the scientific literature and from hearing powerful stories of transformation, convinced us it was the best course for a long life of great health. Our guest this week, Dr Ash Nayate, is a vegan first and foremost for ethical reasons. However her work as a clinical neuropsychologist, mostly with children and their families, allows her to observe the profound impact that food has on our children's behavior. As well as working with children and their families in hospitals she also has a private practice helping adults who are looking to incorporate change into their lives. Join us as we hear Ash's story of how she became vegan, her theories on changing behaviour, breaking bad habits and how best to approach and maintain habit change. Ash also tells us of her healthy vegan pregnancy and of her interest in the mental health of those in minority groups such as veganism. You can connect with Ash at