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Jul 2, 2017

What would happen if you challenged yourself to a physical feat to learn more about what lies within?

Our guest this week, David Orr, tells a fascinating tale that began in New York, working for Lehman Brothers, in the heady days before their declaration of bankruptcy in 2008 that precipitated the global financial crisis.

David is a Canadian who we first met one year ago at the Plantpower Italia retreat hosted by Rich Roll and Julie Piatt. A few weeks ago Andrew had the opportunity to meet with David close to his home in Tuscany to learn more about how he has ended up living in Italy for the past 7 years. During the retreat we had heard snippets about how he'd walked alone from Delhi to the Taj Mahal but we had no idea of the story that was to come. What follows is an interview that themes around being on the journey of life, taking opportunities, self discovery, ultra endurance running, love and plant based eating.

It finishes with David talking about how the retreat motivated him to run two ultramarathons of 100km and 125km, the second of which he completed just days before the interview. You'll hear his raw reflections on just how he felt and dealt with the pain and soreness, what he ate to fuel him, about running through the night, and above all how experiencing the whole journey is much more fulfilling than simply crossing the finishing line.

David has a talent for story telling plus a great story to tell.