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Jul 9, 2017

Green smoothies have played a big part in the health transformation of podcast hosts, Andrew and Claire Davies. This week we pay homage to the green smoothie, discussing when we started consuming this vibrant beverage, what effects it has had on our health, on our guts, and its role in recovery post running, and our own New Normal favourite blends. Plus the benefits of having a high-powered blender to make smoothies of the best consistency. We also discuss some of the science behind the effects of green smoothies and for those looking for more information on this topic, we recommend searching "green smoothies" at the website We both bemoan the lack of healthy real food in our hospitals and wonder how much patients would benefit from having a green smoothie every day whilst in hospital.

A green smoothie features in the upcoming event, New Normal Sunday, on Sunday July 16th 2017 in St Kilda, Melbourne. Also included are other components Andrew and Claire consider vital to their New Normal, namely exercise in the form of a run or walk, yoga and meditation sessions and social connection over smoothie of course! Tickets and more information are available via our website or via Eventbrite.