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Jul 23, 2017

Kate Davies has a lot to live for. She was sadly widowed suddenly, 7 years ago, when her daughter Ruby was just a baby. At that stage, Kate had been living in Hong Kong for 13 years and many told her it was time to return home to Melbourne. But back she went and has stayed there for another 7 years, surrounded by the community she has built around her and who gave her and still give her so much support.

The themes of this week's podcast centre around connection, authenticity and being 'real' when it matters. Are these skills innate or can they be learned and fine tuned? Kate is the sister of NNPs Andrew Davies and is responsible for coming up with the name New Normal when we launched 6 months ago. We thought she was the perfect guest to celebrate our 20th podcast episode.

In support of the NNPs "Living the Plantpower Way" events with Rich Roll and Julie Piatt back in March, Kate not only booked a plane ticket from Hong Kong to attend, she took on the challenge of going plant-based for 3 weeks leading up to it. We hear about that experience and the surprising effects it's had on her life and her comment that "No-one is going to stop me from being healthy".

It's a powerful, entertaining and moving conversation between brother and sister (plus side commentary from Claire Davies) about life, death and eating plants.