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Jul 31, 2017

Remember when you were 18? Life was carefree and for many of us, revolved around exploring the freedom of becoming an 'adult'. Pubs, night clubs, partying without a care in the world except for where the next good time was. But we do care about our peer group and what they think of us. And usually that magnetic pull to belong is too strong to resist.

This was Georgie's life too except that for her, it just didn't feel right. For a while she ignored it but one day an image popped up on her Instagram feed of a guy doing yoga and that changed everything. She had found her people.

Georgie is a 24 year old with much to give to the world. She is a nurse whose life has been transformed through commitment to yoga, plant-based eating, meditation, exercise and social media. It's via Instagram that she has connected with many and it's her warmth, honesty and humility which has seen her following grow to nearly 50,000.

We talk to Georgie about how her new normal came to be, her devotion to the craft of nursing and how to work in a system that doesn't advocate plant-based eating. She shares how to build a social media presence that remains authentic to its message.