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Aug 6, 2017

If you don't know David & Stephen Flynn of The Happy Pear then get to it. These 37 year old Irish twins started a health revolution that began when they opened a fruit and vege shop in their hometown of Greystones that has lead to an empire including 3 cafes, 2 best selling cookbooks and 20 food items that sell in supermarkets throughout Ireland and the UK. They also have had huge success with their YouTube channel showing hundreds of 5 minute recipes that centre around the simple message to 'eat more vege'.

But they are so much more than that. They have a generosity of spirit that has them sharing porridge and tea with all who jump with them in the Irish Sea daily at dawn and in fact have free porridge on the menu at all of their cafes.

Their energy and enthusiasm for life is off the charts and in this interview Andrew and Claire hear how it all began and the core message that they want to share with the world.

We were lucky enough to spend a day with Dave and Steve, that began of course with a dip in the Irish Sea, followed by breakfast and then a tour of Pearville, the factory and studio near their home base in Greystones, 45 minutes south of Dublin.

The lads, are true leaders in the movement of plant based living and present a welcome mat of inclusivity for anyone no matter where they might be on the journey.

Find them here:

The Happy Pear website

The Happy Pear on YouTube

The Happy Pear on Instagram: @thehappypear



- The Happy Pear. Healthy, easy, delicious food to change your life. By David and Stephen Flynn

- The World of the Happy Pear. Simple, exciting, delicious food for a happier, healthier you. By Stephen and David Flynn