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Aug 13, 2017

Julie Piatt is a rule breaker. And in her latest book “This Cheese Is Nuts!” she clearly demonstrates that dairy is absolutely not required to make creamy, tangy, delicious versions of all the cheese classics familiar to us all. Especially for those of us who simply love cheese and feel like we will miss out if we choose a path to a healthier life without animal products, as well as for those of us who might have allergies to or intolerance of dairy.

In this conversation, Claire and Andrew talk to Julie, also known as SriMati, about why she wrote this book and how she approached the creative process of developing these recipes. Julie has an artistic spirit and ability that she applies to all she does, including her previous book which she wrote with husband Rich Roll, “The Plantpower Way”, her two original music albums which she created with her sons Tyler and Trapper Piatt, her podcast “Divine Throughline” and her previous life as a fashion and interior designer.

In addition to the profound health benefits of eating a plant-based diet, Julie feels strongly that dairy is not the way we should produce cheese - for both the cows and the environment. For this reason she thinks "Cheese 2.0" is the way of the future, and simply created in our kitchens with simple techniques using different varieties of mostly nuts and some other plant-based foods. And as you'll hear in this episode, her new book is full of recipes for tasty and wholesome cheeses.

Claire and Andrew interviewed Julie at the Our Plantpower World retreat held in Ireland where both Julie and Rich ran a week-long event focused on plant-based eating, yoga, meditation, spirituality and exercise. If you are interested in attending their 2018 retreat in Italy go to If you are interested in Julie, her books, or her podcast, go to Finally, if you live in Australia you can purchase a copy of "This Cheese Is Nuts" at