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Oct 25, 2017

Do you finish off your day with an evening routine?

Do you wind yourself down to help you sleep?

Do you struggle getting off your screen before bed?


In contrast to the frequently discussed topic of a morning routine, few people seem as focused on what they do in the evening to wind down and successfully finish off their day. In this episode, Claire and Andrew Davies discuss why they think an evening routine is important, and tell you exactly how they spend the last few hours of the day. As an early riser Claire feels exhausted in the evening and starts preparing for bed as early as dinner time. Andrew, on the other hand, admits his struggles with getting to bed in the evenings, and describes how he is trying to improve his routine.

Screen time (or device use) is the modern problem making it much harder for adults and children alike to get themselves to bed at both a reasonable time and in a sleep-ready state. Claire and Andrew tell you how their family is dealing with this issue. Meditation, before or in bed, especially focused on grateful thoughts, is a practice they also discuss.

Hopefully you will hear some suggestions for what you might add to your evening routine, from a real life couple finding their way gradually towards a New Normal.


Resources from people and things mentioned in this episode:

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