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Nov 1, 2017

Why and how did Claire start eating a plant-based diet?

And how did that lead to the New Normal Project?


In this episode, the tables are turned and New Normal Project co-host Claire Davies is interviewed about her story. Claire was featured in a Question and Answer session, hosted by yoga teacher Atika Fraval, at the Body Flow Yoga studio in Windsor in Melbourne. So instead of interviewing a guest herself, this week Claire answers questions from Atika and the live audience at the studio on her journey to plant-based eating, the resources she and co-host Andrew have used to guide and support them, and much more.

If you are intrigued as to what might lead an otherwise healthy middle-aged woman and her husband to change their eating habits from a standard meat-laden Australian diet to a healthy plant-based diet, then you will enjoy this podcast. Claire tells several stories about her and her families journey, detailing some resources you will no doubt benefit from checking out, and discussing other topics such as:

  • How the New Normal Project came to be
  • Some of her favourite New Normal Project podcast interviewees (and their stories)
  • The difference between vegetarianism and veganism
  • Her thoughts on oils in the diet
  • How her approach to clothes shopping has changed
  • What exactly she and her family eat in a day
  • How she dealt with plant-based eating and her children
  • Whether freezing food is OK
  • Whether the nutrition in blended smoothies is preserved
  • Her relationship with alcohol
  • Drinking coffee
  • Using soy products


Resources from people and things mentioned in this episode:

Body Flow Yoga:

Dr Caldwell Esselstyn:

Rich Roll:

Rich Roll podcast:

Rich Roll podcast with Andy Puddicombe:

Julie Piatt:

Dr Craig Hassed:

The Happy Pear:

EPIC study:

The China study:

Dr T. Colin Campbell:

Dr Dean Ornish:

Book “Blue Zones” by Dan Buettner:

Matcha Mylkbar:

Dr Kim Williams:

Andrew Taylor (Spudfit):

What the Health movie:

Nutrition Facts:

Book “How Not To Die” by Dr Michael Greger:

One Year No Beer:

New Normal Project:

New Normal Sunday event:

New Normal Project instagram: @newnormalproject

New Normal Project facebook: "newnormalproject"

New Normal Project podcast:

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