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Nov 29, 2017

How are you feeling about the lead up to Christmas time?

At this time of celebration and “year end catch ups”, there can seem so much to wade through. Things like multiple social functions, family Christmas dinners, gift buying, suboptimal food offerings at work parties and simply fitting everything in. This period of the year can be stressful. Especially if you eat a whole foods plant-based diet or are drifting that way.

Claire and Andrew’s new normal life is a fairly recent change. Only in the last few years have they adopted health-focused choices like a whole foods plant-based diet, regular meditation, a better approach to sleep and frequent exercise. And it hasn’t always been easy.

In this episode they discuss their approach to the coming festive season, including (1) what they intend to eat at the family occasions, (2) how they will deal with the frequent celebrations, (3) their gift buying plans in this highly commercialised period, (4) managing the overall stress of a busy schedule, and (5) maintaining their exercise, sleep and meditation routines.

They give some tips to optimally “get through” the Christmas lead up period, which hopefully you’ll find value from at least one of. It can be a difficult period but, with a mindful approach, you can maximize the enjoyment and family togetherness that this time of the year can bring.


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