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Dec 21, 2018

Have you ever considered an alcohol-free challenge?

Are you worried you might be drinking too much?

Do you need help with your drinking?


If any of these questions resonate with you, this podcast is one you may learn something from. Andy Ramage, a passionate ex-professional footballer who is now an equally passionate oil broker in London, UK, is this week’s guest. In 2015 Andy co-founded the global lifestyle phenomenon, a 28, 90 or a 365-day alcohol-free challenge to help transform people's relationship with alcohol. His first best-selling book The 28-day Alcohol-free Challenge, co-authored with his colleague Ruari Fairbairns, was released in December 2017.

Andy is one of the world’s leading behavioural change & performance coaches. He works with CEOs, business professionals, athletes, entrepreneurs, actors and influencers to transform their relationship with alcohol to improve their health, their careers and their day to day lives. Andy is working towards a Masters degree in positive psychology and coaching psychology, is a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a mindfulness based awareness coach, a much sought-after speaker, and with Ruari, he has a popular podcast called the One Year No Beer podcast.

In this episode, Andy tells his story of how he ended up in a work culture where alcohol was prominent, how he realised this had become a problem and what he did about it, his initial failures going alcohol-free mainly because of the social pressure he felt, how an extended alcohol-free period ended up being successful, and what he is now doing to inspire others to take and benefit from an alcohol-free challenge.

In the conversation, Andy also speaks on:

  • How he didn’t ever identify with being an alcoholic
  • The failed alcohol-free attempts which made him stronger
  • His realisation that apart from Alcoholics Anonymous there was not much to help people with their drinking behaviour
  • Using non-alcoholic beer to help him
  • What the One Year No Beer movement and community is all about
  • His 28 day Alcohol-Free Challenge book
  • What happens after most people try an alcohol-free challenge
  • The benefits of getting up early without a hangover
  • How to deal with partners with drinking behaviours
  • His change to plant-based eating and how that has helped him
  • How mindfulness has helped him, especially Loving Kindness meditation
  • He hopes to write more books, do more speaking, write blogs and lead courses
  • His passion for football and how that led to a professional football career
  • How much better a footballer he might have been with his present lifestyle
  • The disconnect between what professional footballers drink and what the supporters think they drink
  • The need for more public figures being known to be alcohol free

This is not a conversation to necessarily make you give up alcohol completely. This is not a conversation focused on people who might be considered alcoholics.

This is a conversation for people who drink even small amounts of alcohol. This is a conversation to raise your awareness of the relationship you might have developed with alcohol without labelling or stigmatising you.

At a time of the year people are often making New Year’s resolutions, this might just be the kicker to try an alcohol-free challenge, especially as Andy well describes the social pressures we all face as we choose behaviours that make us different to the culture all around us.

Andy understands how to invite people to change their behaviour without ever telling them they are a bad person for what they are currently doing. It’s not negative, it’s all about the positive. If you have been thinking about reducing your drinking, I hope this will be helpful.


Live well, feel well, do well.


Andrew Davies



PS. Claire is taking a break from hosting the show so I invite you to stick with me on a search to improve your health and happiness. My father’s recent death with cancer has reinvigorated my passion to help as many people as possible to live the healthiest lives possible to give us the best chance of a longer and disease-free life.

The podcast will continue to focus on the pillars of a healthy lifestyle such as eating more plants, becoming more mindful, moving our bodies more, improving our sleep, developing healthier connections and refining our sense of purpose.

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