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Jan 16, 2019

What has Claire been up to lately? And what is her New Year’s resolution?


In this episode, Claire is back on the show! Early in 2018, my wife and co-host Claire Davies announced she was taking a break from the podcast. This is only a temporary appearance and you should enjoy the opportunity of hearing what Claire has been doing over the past year and just what her ongoing passion is.

Claire is an amazing human being. After working as a nurse for over 2 decades, the last decade as a working Mum, she took some time off to help get the New Normal Project off the ground. Her calm, measured and wise way of being brought a valuable voice and philosophy to this podcast, something that many of you have fed back to us. But after a year of speaking on the podcast about the plant-based lifestyle we adopted, and how much healthier and happier we both feel for living this way, Claire realised this was neither her true purpose nor the best use of her skills and experience.

It shocked me when she said she no longer wanted to work on the podcast, at least for the time being, but having seen the growth and fulfilment she has enjoyed over the last year, I now see why she made that decision.

Claire has begun a career in clinical pastoral care. As you’ll hear in this podcast this is all about providing a deep listening presence to those unfortunate people who are patients in our hospital system. And from what I've heard Claire does, and will continue to do, a great job at this.

Listen in as Claire speaks about:

  • What this new vocation is all about
  • The educational course she has been participating in
  • How she has been helping hospitalised patients
  • How this relates to her own faith-based journey
  • Why she’s no longer co-hosting the podcast
  • The New Year’s resolution Claire has chosen
  • The New Year’s resolution I have chosen
  • And some advice from Claire about identifying the purpose behind your exercise regime

Enjoy listening to my beautiful wife, Claire.

Live well, feel well, do well.


Andrew Davies



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