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Jun 5, 2019

How might you make your next meal even just slightly more healthy?

Could you organize your kitchen to make it easier to eat well?

Can you maximize the amazing benefits of phytonutrients in your food?


I hope you’ll be thinking about these questions after listening to this episode of the New Normal Project show with Ashley Jubinville.

Ashley is The Kitchen Coach, helping families find successful strategies in their transition to a healthier, whole food diet while juggling the daily stresses in their world. An effervescent, determined Canadian, Ashley has a no-nonsense, cut-through-the-noise-and-confusion approach that has been an absolute game-changer for thousands of families.

With 18 years of research, practice, engineering and passion, Ashley has discovered a formula of success that has her working with clients across the globe. Her unique approach with food, recipes, and her quirky engineering mind, can help get you organised, on-track, and loving the kitchen again. She has done what many doctors told her was impossible with her own personal health challenges since childhood and now helps others prevent the trial, error, time, and frustration in figuring out how to navigate the world of food sensitivities, kitchen organisation and how to get more whole foods into your world.

Ashley’s work is her passion, and you can find her sharing her wealth of knowledge through her online programs, cooking up a storm in the kitchen, public speaking, and writing her new book!

In this episode Ashley speaks about:

  • Spending time with her Dad in their Canadian vegetable garden
  • Learning from her Mum’s cooking and preserving of food
  • The privilege of fresh food in Australia
  • Her health decline as an engineer in her early 20s
  • How she was diagnosed with coeliac disease
  • What she did when she realized this was an auto-immune condition
  • How quickly her back pain disappeared when gluten was excluded
  • The value of noticing strong aversions and cravings to specific foods
  • The label she now uses for chemically affected foods
  • How much her sense of taste improved when she gave up dairy
  • The importance of phytonutrients in our diet
  • The common misunderstanding about protein and meat
  • How her job as a household cook for a family turned into a business
  • Some of the strategies she uses when she coaches families
  • How quickly children can change their diets
  • Her audacious vision for The Kitchen Coach
  • How 90% of chronic disease is lifestyle-related and preventable
  • Her approach of taking people slowly and only as far as they want to go
  • Some examples of the families she has helped significantly
  • And some advice for my daughter's picky eating

You can find Ashley at Please also follow her on Instagram, on Facebook or on Youtube.

Ashley has a gift for New Normal Project podcast listeners. It's a free download of her “Cook With Me LIVE” Recipe Series 1 eBook, containing 27 delicious recipes that will help either those in love with, or those just dabbling in plant powered foods! Please go directly to this link: Cook With Me LIVE Recipe Series 1 eBook

After the interview, I tell you about a recently published scientific paper on the value of healthy plant foods, I update you on some of my recent challenges, and I let you know the challenge I’ll be making based on the discussion in this episode.

Please enjoy listening to Ashley Jubinville.


Live well, feel well, do well.


Andrew Davies



About the New Normal Project podcast: The podcast is aimed to inspire and empower you to live your most plant-based, body-moving and mind-focused lifestyle, by hearing about healthy lifestyle pillars such as nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, sleep, connection and purpose. I hope you’ll glean insights to help you make choices about your habits so you become more healthy, fulfilled and conscious.



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