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Apr 16, 2017

Be inspired by highlights from the recent Living The Plantpower Way events, held in Sydney and Melbourne, starring international wellness advocates Rich Roll and Julie Piatt. Included are key messages from Rich Roll, Andrew Davies and Andrew Taylor, the powerful Q&A session from the Melbourne event and beautiful music by Julie Piatt/SriMati.

Listen and connect with the unique dynamic of Rich and Julie as they use their knowledge, experience, wisdom and humour to answer questions such as:

Advice for starting out as an advocate of a plant-based lifestyle

Advice for couples where one is plant-based and the other is not

Definition of the word "ultra"

Advice for first time ultramarathon athlete and crew, with 8 weeks to go

How to deal with those who seem to want to improve their health but aren't prepared to go plant based?

List of books and resources referred to by Rich and Julie:

Autobiography of a Yogi (Pramahansa Yogananda)

Oneness (Rasha)

The Power of Now (Eckhart Tolle)

Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book

Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease (Caldwell Esselstyn)

Engine 2 Diet (Rip Esselstyn)

Thrive series (Brendan Brazier)

Finding God Through Sex (David Deida)