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Apr 23, 2017

In this episode we discuss mindfulness. What does mindfulness mean to us? And how has meditation, and learning about it, helped us in our lives? Claire and Andrew Davies discuss how a healthy lifestyle is strengthened by adding mindfulness. Each of us describes how mindfulness and meditation recently came into our lives, how this has helped us with managing the simple fears and stresses of a regular life, the realisation that all cultures, religions and spiritual practices in history have had some technique for bringing people into the present, some of the other benefits we have noticed, including when mindfulness teaching has been offered at our workplaces, and some of the courses, people and other resources that have helped us become regular meditators to help us in our lives. We also discuss the difficulties we all face with being disciplined to meditate every day and how being kind to ourselves about this is helpful, especially as the benefits gradually accumulate to allow us to face this busy life with a greater feeling of being in the now.