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Apr 30, 2017

Andrew Taylor ate nothing but potatoes for 2016. One simple but dramatic gesture he hoped would cure his self identified addiction to food. And it did. He also lost 53kgs, cured his clinical depression, his YouTube videos went viral and the whole world was talking about him. This week Claire and Andrew Davies talk to Andrew Taylor about so much more than how he ate spuds for a year. He describes the very moment when he came to the realisation that if he didn't change, his then 2 year old son Teddy was on the same path to obesity and depression. Andrew shares his views on moderation and how especially when it come to food, moderation can only bring moderate health benefits. And if you're a food addict, moderation is the most disastrous model of a dietary plan.

We also talk about Andrew's dedication to process rather than results because he chose to tick off the daily task of eating potatoes rather than make a specific outcome his goal. And his transformation has been phenomenal. This means that if weight loss is important to you, perhaps you should throw out the scales and focus on doing the work every day because in Andrew's experience that is the truest path to sustainable change. The benefits you might imagine and then some.

Andrew is a lovely person, an everyday guy, a teacher, husband and father who has much to give the world based on his own unique experience of eating potatoes for a year.