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May 7, 2017

Do you get enough sleep? Are you waking in the middle of the night? Are you a shift-worker doing night duty? Could you be chronically sleep-deprived? Do you try to sleep like parents who care for their babies sleep?

In this episode, Claire and Andrew talk about sleep including some of the problems we face in modern society, like a culture of staying up late, thinking sleep is not important and the use of screens in the evening. Claire describes how working night duty as a shift-working nurse affected her and Andrew tells how he became chronically sleep-deprived from overwork particularly in the evenings. They also discuss some of the health issues that arise from inadequate sleep as well as the problems that sleeping tablets can cause.

To help you, they discuss some basic tips for improving your sleep including optimising bedroom conditions, following your breath whilst counting back from 100 to help getting to sleep, reducing idevice use as much as possible in the evening, trying to follow the sleep habits we use for babies and young children, and taking a 30 day challenge of going to bed earlier and at the same time every night.

None of this is rocket science but with some basic mindful attention to your sleep habits, hopefully you will get a better night's sleep.