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Jun 25, 2017

Do you practice yoga? What do you understand yoga to be?

This week we talk to Sophie Le Fevre, who was introduced to yoga as a child and is now a highly qualified teacher of more than 15 years with her own studio in Melbourne.

Perhaps surprisingly to some, we don't discuss the specific poses that can help us to become...

Jun 18, 2017

In this week's episode we play you audio of the healthcare professional panel discussion including audience questions which was held after a screening of the documentary movie What The Health in Canberra at the National Film and Sound Archive on June 13th 2017.

New Normal Project podcast co-host, Andrew Davies, was a...

Jun 11, 2017

Are you going to live to 100? Do you care about your ACE - Activity, Coping and Eating?

Listen to Dr John Tickell, a medical doctor in Melbourne Australia, who in this episode starts by describing how he visited and studied the Okinawans, a cultural group with the largest proportion of people who live past 100 years of...

Jun 4, 2017

What’s in our toolbox? What resources do we use to support us in living a plant based lifestyle?

This week Claire and Andrew Davies list all the key influencers that first made them try plant-based eating and that now continue to inspire and inform them. Not surprisingly considering their background in healthcare, the...