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Mar 22, 2020

I am an Intensive Care doctor. And today I feel scared.

This coronavirus pandemic is serious. It is the biggest healthcare emergency I have ever witnessed. We aren’t overwhelmed yet in my country, Australia, but what I have read and heard in the last fortnight from around the world has made me realise we are in the midst of a global catastrophe.

In this episode I talk about social distancing and why it is our New Normal. And why we need to do this social distancing extremely well, or we will lose many more people to this novel coronavirus.

This podcast is not to scare you. It’s to seek your help in doing the right thing with social distancing which, if done well, should take away a lot of the fear many of us have.

In my city, Melbourne, and my country, Australia, people have not been taking things seriously. They are out and about as if life goes on. They are in the pubs, cafes, restaurants, beaches, gyms and shopping centres. And that’s not what they should be doing.

I hope I can convince you that what my international colleagues are reporting, from places like China, Italy, UK and USA, is something we have never encountered in our careers.

There are not enough ICU beds and not enough ventilators so doctors are having to choose who they use these ventilators on. Many healthcare workers are catching the virus. Many are staying away from their families so they don’t pass it on. And many are tired, and no longer thinking straight from the arduous work they are doing, putting their mental health, and the whole healthcare system, at risk.

I want to give you hope and confidence. And by explaining how social distancing is effective in minimising your risk, your families risk and other people’s risk, I hope you will be able to do your social distancing extremely thoroughly. I also want to give you hope and confidence that our modern technology can keep us connected. And I want to give you hope and confidence that we healthcare workers will do the very best we can, as many around the world are already doing, and for which I am hugely grateful.

Whilst I am at work trying to save lives, you can be a life-saver too. If you do your very best job at the task of staying at home, you will be playing a huge role.

I am a little scared but there is hope. Please do the very best social distancing you can do.


Live well, feel well, do well.


Dr Andrew Davies




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