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Sep 4, 2017

Following on from last week's episode featuring Melbourne doctor and expert in the science of mindfulness, Dr Craig Hassed, this week Andrew and Claire Davies delve deeper into the practice of meditation.

They briefly discuss the profound and lasting impact that meditation has had on them, as well as those around them and introduce 3 examples of guided meditations.

The first example is Dr Craig Hassed from his CD “Mindfulness for Life- Techniques and Application”. It is available for $24.99, along with other resources written by Dr Hassed at

Next is a resource used by podcast co-host Claire, the free app “Insight Timer” that features thousands of meditations from many different teachers from all over the world. She plays an excerpt called “Morning Meditation with Music” by Jonathan Lehmann. For more information download the app on your mobile device or visit

The last meditation is from Andrew’s favourite app “Headspace”. Hundreds of meditations are available on this app, all featuring the voice of Headspace co-founder, Andy Puddicombe. The Headspace website also has a wealth of information that is clearly presented using fun graphics and design. There is content covering the science of meditation as well as meditations for situations such as anxiety, sleep, performance and even SOS mediations ‘in case of sudden meltdowns’. Headspace is available to try for free for 10 days by either downloading the app or going to Headspace is USD $96/year or USD $12.99/month.

Meditation is a core foundation to the New Normal life described by Andrew and Claire and they are passionate in their commitment to inspire others to live with better health, connection and sense of purpose. Why not try any of these meditations as a 30 day challenge for 10 minutes a day?

Photo credit Leia Marasovich @leia_vita