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Sep 10, 2017

Colin Hudon is a doctor of Chinese medicine and Tea Master. His introduction to Chinese medicine began when traditional Western methods failed to heal a debilitating rash that covered his body. A mere 24 hours after receiving acupuncture and beginning a treatment of herbs the rash had all but disappeared prompting more questions than answers as Colin decided to become a student of the ancient traditions of Chinese medicine.

A long time friend of Rich Roll (episode 2) and Julie Piatt (episodes 2 & 23), Colin has accompanied them on all 3 of their Our Plantpower World retreats offering a morning tea ceremony featuring the teas from old growth tea forests and trees up to 500 years old. These teas are a far cry from the tea most of us are accustomed to that are from tea plantations that are perpetually harvested using chemicals and modern farming techniques.

Colin's describes his tea as "living tea" and this inspired his company of the same name selling such teas from China and Taiwan plus hand made tea pots and bowls, known as tea ware. The practice of drinking high quality tea is highly ceremonial and designed as an opportunity to connect more deeply with one's self, with others and with nature.

This conversation showcases the deep wisdom that belies Colin's biological age. Together with hosts Andrew and Claire Davies (a doctor and nurse) he discusses the differences between the Eastern approach to maintaining good health and the Western medical treatments focused on ill health or disease, and contemplates the benefits of incorporating both.

Colin is writing a book about his own philosophy on achieving good health and he describes "5 healths" which include sleeping and eating seasonally, mindful eating based on a whole foods, plant based diet, individual based movement practices, meditation and drinking tea.


Resources mentioned in this episode:

Living Tea

Global Tea Hut

Book “The Way of Tea” by Aaron Fisher (aka Wude)

Book “The Sleep Revolution” (by Ariana Huffington)

Vipassana meditation retreats

Sun Simiao (Ancient Chinese physician)