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Dec 24, 2017

What a year it has been for New Normal Project! Claire and Andrew Davies created New Normal Project to inspire others to adopt healthier and happier lives after a four year period where they made changes focused on improved health, vitality, relationships and sense of purpose. The podcast is where they have conversations on key pillar topics like eating more fruit and vegetables, becoming more mindful, moving our bodies more, improving our sleep and developing healthier connections with ideas, things, activities and people.

New Normal Project also started running events in Australia to build community around these hugely important yet straightforward ideas. "Living The Plantpower Way" featuring Rich Roll and Julie Piatt was their first event held in Sydney and Melbourne in March 2017.

Rich and Julie were also the first people they interviewed on the podcast. As a tribute to their key role in developing and launching New Normal Project, it seemed fitting to replay that interview to mark the end of an exciting and incredibly productive year.

If you missed it first time around or even if you didn’t, it’s well worth a listen.

Rich Roll is one of the rare individuals who can marry inspiration with experience and knowledge and turn it into positive action. Action that catalyzes sustainable, life-altering change. He is a #1 best-selling author, world renowned ultra-endurance athlete, popular podcast host and wellness pioneer. Rich has a powerful yet grounded, highly authentic style.

Julie Piatt aka "SriMati" is a true spiritual wellness warrior, an author, a podcast host, a plant based chef, a motivational speaker, meditation guide, yoga teacher, and singer-songwriter. At the core of all of Julie’s offerings is an opportunity for an expansion of our perspectives; a gain of cosmic view so that we all may realize our divine blueprint or life purpose.

In this interview Rich and Julie:

  • Introduce themselves in more detail
  • Tell their own stories of becoming plant-based
  • Tell their perspectives on how “the plantpower way” is more than just food
  • Talk about how people can make their first steps in to eating plant-based
  • Discuss dealing with criticism from family and friends
  • Give their thoughts on making changes with our spouses and children
  • Talk about how we can inspire people to do more exercise
  • Give tips on the importance of sleep and improving our habits
  • Describe how meditation and spirituality play a part in their lives
  • Discuss the benefits of connecting with people in a non-judgmental way
  • And answer the question about whether they would like to be doing something different in their lives

This is a powerful and inspiring conversation that should make you want to change at least one thing in your life.


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