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Feb 11, 2020

This episode of the New Normal Project is all about the brain and keeping your brain healthy.

It features Phil Dobson who is the creator of BrainWorkshops, the mission of which is to help people get more from their brains.

Phil used to be a musician. But when he badly broke his ankle over a decade ago, his career and life radically changed. He trained as a clinical hypnotherapist, set up a practice in London, and rapidly recognised that many of the people he saw knew very little about how their brain functions; and how they could work on improving and maintaining their brain health. He saw many people struggling with sleep, who were significantly stressed, and who seemed to have their brains working against them rather than with them.

Phil began to work with businesses, teaching groups of people how to manage stress and to improve their sleep, and as he learnt more about neuroscience and about cognitive and behavioural psychology, he turned this into BrainWorkshops, where he now provides online material, a book, and physical workshops, all loaded with applicable techniques designed to provide people with a scientific approach to optimising mental performance in the modern workplace.

Phil works with businesses all over the world, and when I heard him speak eloquently at a medical conference last March, I asked him to come on the podcast.

In the episode we cover:

  • Phil’s transition from a musician to a brain coach
  • His recently published “The Brain Book” and what's in it
  • The 5 key components to maintaining your brain fitness
  • 3 ways you can master the stress your brain is under
  • The beneficial effect of exercise for your brain
  • The importance of sleep and preventing sleep deprivation
  • His number 1 tip for helping you get more sleep
  • The value of challenging your brain with novelty & learning
  • Understanding circadian rhythms to be more productive
  • His recommended steps to working smarter
  • Dealing with the distractions of modern life
  • How digital technology may influence your ability to master your own reactions
  • The difference between mindfulness and focused meditation
  • How Phil practices meditation and mindfulness in his life
  • The value of mental rehearsal and why elite sports performers use it
  • What Phil does on a daily basis to help his own brain

Please enjoy listening to Phil Dobson.


Live well, feel well, do well.


Andrew Davies




About the New Normal Project podcast: The podcast is aimed to inspire and empower you to live a life of optimal health, fitness and wellness, by hearing scientific evidence, experience-based information and real-life stories in the areas of the lifestyle pillars such as nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, sleep, connection and purpose. You’ll hopefully glean insights to help you to consider making choices about your daily habits so you become more healthy, fulfilled and conscious.

Although I’m a doctor this is not medical advice as I don’t know your personal circumstances or your health conditions. Please see this as general information for you to consider, and then to learn more about, so you can discuss it with your doctor.




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