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May 14, 2017

Can turmeric work to replace your pain killers?

How quickly can swapping animal foods for plant foods impact your health?

Are plant-based foods anti-inflammatory?

Our guest this week stopped eating all animal products 8 weeks ago and amazing things started to happen. His chronic pain resolved in days. He stopped taking his powerful anti-inflammatories and pain medications. He started feeling better both within himself and within the world around him. He became happier.

Paul is a 52 year old doctor, husband and father to 2 year old Stella. His Western medical training and previous mindset told him that he was destined for a life of pain and dependence on medication but one day he had a thought. “What if I don’t accept this and just try something different?” A light bulb went off. He grabbed some turmeric from the pantry and stopped eating meat, eggs and dairy that day.

Claire and Andrew have a very honest and frank discussion with Paul about how this transition occurred and its rapid impact on his health and life in general. Paul has a vitality and vibrancy that is evident from the very beginning of this conversation. He is passionate about sharing his story and inspiring others to just consider trying another way. For him this was eating a plant based diet and he could not have predicted just how great the impact would be.