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Jun 25, 2017

Do you practice yoga? What do you understand yoga to be?

This week we talk to Sophie Le Fevre, who was introduced to yoga as a child and is now a highly qualified teacher of more than 15 years with her own studio in Melbourne.

Perhaps surprisingly to some, we don't discuss the specific poses that can help us to become stronger and more flexible but Sophie paints a picture of yoga providing an opportunity to develop focus whilst being relaxed. This, she says is the practice of yoga. The time spent in the yoga studio or on the mat is therefore training to be able to avoid distraction whilst maintaining a sense of calmness outside of the studio as well. So yoga can be the many things we do in everyday life. And the asanas or physical poses that we do in a class are just a means to help us achieve relaxed focus.

We talk about Sophie's childhood and she recalls an instance of being in a flow state as a 7 year old, when completing an otherwise dull task. We also discuss how yoga has benefited her own children and others she has taught during her career. Other topics covered include the health benefits of yoga, building community around a studio, the challenges of starting her own studio, how yoga is spiritual but not religious and how often we should practice yoga.

We hope you enjoy this conversation. If you've never tried yoga before, have an infrequent practice or perhaps you are a yoga afficianado, we would love to see you at our next event - New Normal Sunday - on July 16th. It's a run or walk, yoga, meditation and a green smoothie in the suburb of St Kilda in Melbourne. Go to