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Oct 17, 2017

Are you trying to improve your health and wellbeing or are you trying to live a more conscious life?

Making change that will improve your health and wellbeing is vital to a longer and higher quality life. And that's exactly what Claire and Andrew from New Normal Project are hoping to inspire you to do with the New Normal Project podcast.

But in this episode you will hear Mel Nahas describe how living a more conscious life, which focuses on benefits to your self, your community AND the planet is an even more admirable endeavour. As consciousness encompasses health and wellbeing too.

Mel, who was brought up in Australia and now lives in California, is the creator of Conscious City Guide, a powerful online platform for conscious events. Events which vary from single yoga and meditation sessions right up to multiple day retreats. In all parts of the world and for many different types of participants. And all of them focusing on expanding consciousness. Amongst other activities, Mel also produces the Our Plantpower World retreats, hosted by Rich Roll and Julia Piatt. The most recent retreat was held in Ireland in July and the next will be held in Italy in May 2018.

Claire and Andrew were at the Ireland retreat and they snuck in an interview with Mel. In this episode you'll get to hear their conversation, during which Mel talks about her work on running these retreats, her own story of seeking a more conscious life, how she came to create Conscious City Guide and where it's heading next, her simple advice on how you can start developing your own consciousness, and a few really interesting stories about her own life journey.

Mel is a wonderful and loving human being. She is a dedicated and hard-working event organiser with a deeply caring personality for those around her. She is doing great work to inspire people to live more consciously, and the world is a better place for her being.

Listen in to Mel's insightful, thought-provoking and mind-blowing reflections.


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Photo credit: Maclay Heriot (Instagram @maclayheriot)