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Dec 17, 2017

If you missed out on attending the recent New Normal at Serotonin event you can listen in and feel like you were there. Claire and Andrew from the New Normal Project had a great night with a wonderful bunch of people and recorded the audio of their presentation as a live podcast with an audience.

This was a night to celebrate the end of the New Normal Project's first year as an organisation that aims to inspire others to lead healthier and happier lives. Over the last few years Claire and Andrew have made some basic lifestyle changes that have helped them enormously and they enjoy sharing these ideas to inspire people who are curious for themselves. This event merged plant-based eating, mindfulness, optimising sleep (by scheduling the event in the early evening) and connection to community at a fabulous plant-based eatery called Serotonin. They also merged their prime methods of inspiring others by combining an event with a podcast.

So after a delicious-tasting, visually-brilliant and plant-based meal, they got out the microphones and recorded the podcast. After introductions, Claire and Andrew both told a story about why they have made these changes, what they are; and then offered the opportunity for the guests to have their say. The questions inspired thoughts about helping to understand sleeping patterns better, having a morning routine, preparing basic meals in a plant-based home and understanding whether plant-based eating can sustain all individuals. Dr John Tickell, a locally-based and highly respected medical doctor, international speaker, bestselling author and television personality, grabbed the microphone and spoke about his views on helping people to lead healthier lives, especially when many of our western population do not.

This is a thought-provoking, educational and entertaining conversation which hopefully will inspire you to make at least a small change to advance you to a healthier and happier you.