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Apr 9, 2017

In this episode we discuss plant-based eating. What do we actually eat? If you think we changed overnight and that it is all mung beans and tofu then you’d be mistaken. In this episode Claire and Andrew Davies discuss what eating a whole foods plant based diet means to them and describe a typical ‘day on a plate’ at New Normal Project HQ. Lots of people have asked what a whole foods plant based diet is and for us it means eating plant foods in their most natural and least processed form. Lots of fruit & vegetables, legumes, beans, nuts, oats, grains and cereals. We do eat some processed foods such as bread and pasta but choose those made with whole grains, such as spelt, quinoa or wholegrains pasta and bread. You’ll hear what we eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner in a typical day and also how our transition occurred; with lots of tips on ways to incorporate eating more plants into your diet. We discuss tofu and how it features in our life (spoiler alert- it doesn’t) and recall a time when it was difficult to imagine planning dinner without meat as the main feature. Our recent road trip to Sydney was time to reflect on how far we’ve come in this journey and we outline our eating strategies while acknowledging that we aren’t always perfect and that practicing kindness towards ourselves is a key part to transitioning to a healthier, plant powered life.