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Jan 14, 2018

Welcome back to Part 2 of the Best of New Normal Project in 2017! It's hard to believe that this time 12 months ago New Normal Project did not even exist and the podcast was but a twinkle in our eye. And now here we are at episode 42, with a compilation of some of the best bits from guests we've interviewed this last year.

It hasn't been easy to chose which ones to include, but this combination has resulted in a collection of experts and powerful stories that touched us and (hopefully) touched you too.

The process of listening again to these episodes reminded us why we chose to interview these guests. Every single one of them was a joy and we are so grateful to them for giving up their time and allowing us to share themselves with you. And thank you to each and every person who has taken the time to listen to our podcast, share it and connect with us.

We started New Normal Project with the aim to share with the world those people who inspire us to be better. Even if you've listened to these guests before this episode is full of pure gold, the wisest, the most touching, the most powerful parts that in combination make for what we believe to be great listening. If you haven't heard them before consider going back and having another listen to these amazing guests and if you are new to the podcast here is just a glimpse of what New Normal Project is all about.

In this episode we bring you excerpts from:

- Craig Hassed (Episode 25)

- Paul Spano (Episode 10)

- Fit With Georgie (Episode 21)

- Tom Hubbard (Episode 24)

- Justin Caffrey (Episodes 34 & 35)

- Michael Klaper (Episode 38)


Lots of love

Claire & Andrew Davies




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NNP Episode 25 with Craig Hassed:


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NNP Episode 35 with Justin Caffrey:


NNP Episode 38 with Michael Klaper:


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