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Sep 26, 2017

What would an elevator pitch for why we should eat predominantly plant-based foods sound like?

This is one of the probing questions asked to a health and fitness panel that was held at the conclusion of a premiere screening of the What The Health movie documentary in Queensland.

This week's podcast is the audio of this fantastic panel discussion which was held in Brisbane this last May. Lucy Stegley of Raw Events Australia, in conjunction with Animal Liberation Queensland, ran and hosted the documentary screening and panel discussion. Claire & Andrew Davies are delighted to share this on the New Normal Project podcast, following three other similar panels in episodes 4, 15 and 19.

The panel members, introduced in more detail by Lucy on the episode, are Amanda Benham, Dasha Soldatov, Billy Simmonds, Crissi Carvalho, and moderator Tammy Fry Kelly.

The other questions posed to the panel lead to discussions on whether plant-based businesses should also sponsor health advisory organisations, whether soy products are bad for us, whether a very low blood cholesterol should prompt efforts to increase the cholesterol, whether plant-based processed foods are OK, the mental health effects of a plant-based diet, and advice for raising plant-based eating children.

A special bonus of the panel discussion is an interview with the film maker, Keeghan Kuhn, which comes at the end of the episode. It is great to hear what Keeghan and his co-director, Kip Anderson, are up to following there 2 brilliant movies, Cowspiracy and What The Health.

On the podcast, Claire and Andrew also discuss an up-coming series of events in 5 cities in Australia & New Zealand during November 2017. The "Nutrition In Healthcare" Symposium tour, is headlined by plant-based physician Dr Michael Klaper, and hosted by Raw Events Australia.


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Dr Michael Klaper "Nutrition In Healthcare" Symposium Aus/NZ tour 2017