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Mar 25, 2017

Claire & Andrew, from the New Normal Project, discuss the recent Living The Plantpower Way events, held in Sydney and Melbourne on March 16 and 17, 2017. They describe the best aspects of these events, which were evening programs showcasing transformation and wellness advocates, Rich Roll and Julie Piatt (aka SriMati) from the USA. They discuss the high quality of and the impact Rich's keynote had on them and others, and also some of the other highlights, such as Julie's guided group meditation and musical performance, the transformation story of Andrew Taylor, and the Q&A session that Rich and Julie did together with questions from the audience. They talk about the sense of community that seems so necessary (and seemed to occur at the events) for those living a healthy lifestyle focused predominantly on plant-based eating, but also regular exercise, meditation and good sleep. Towards the end of the episode Claire & Andrew propose several ideas for how the New Normal Project can continue to inspire people to lead their healthiest and most authentic lives.